Interview with BFM Business: Decarbonizing with CarbonFX technology

Our team is proud to have taken part in an interview with Focus Entreprises on BFM Business, one of France's leading business news media. Our CEO Michel Gagnon and Lylia Khennache, Vice-President, Climate Solutions, discuss the technology and solutions deployed by Airex Energy. As a leader in decarbonization, Airex Energy is at the forefront of the transition to a greener, more sustainable economy. Our CarbonFX technology provides innovative solutions for transforming biomass residues into green carbon products, such as biochar, biocoal, or biocarbon, through the processes of pyrolysis and torrefaction. The impact of our innovations is profound, influencing various industrial sectors, including metallurgy, construction, energy, and agriculture. For instance:
  • Biochar can be integrated into cement to create greener concrete or utilized to enrich soils while sequestering carbon.
  • Biocarbon significantly reduces CO2 emissions in the production of metals for the metallurgical industry.
  • Biocoal serves as a substitute for fossil coal in coal-fired power plants, facilitating the generation of clean electricity and heat.
A standout feature of Airex Energy’s torrefaction technology is its efficiency. It can transform organic matter in just 3 seconds, a fraction of the time required by competing technologies, which can take over a minute. This efficiency places Airex Energy as a key player offering solutions that actively support the shift toward a circular and eco-friendly economy. For more information about our technologies, please contact us. Watch the interview here (French only).