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Airex Energy operates an industrial-scale biocoal pellet plant in Québec, Canada where woody biomass is abundant and certified.

The CarbonFX process is simple, reliable and designed in a compact configuration for economic efficiency.

Carbon FX Technology - Airex Energy
The plant includes:
Grinding equipment for biomass sizing and a pre-drying system. The CarbonFX torrefaction unit based on the cyclonic bed reactor technology patented by Airex Energy. A standard pellet mill for biocoal densification as well as systems for the shipping in bulk or tote bags.
The plant is continuously supplied with hardwood and softwood sawdust from two silos fed by moving floor semi-trailers. The plant operation is fully automated and under the supervision of only two operators.
Airex Energy Strategic Location plant

Strategic location

The plant is strategically located in Bécancour, Québec for the efficient movement of goods by road, rail, or sea.

  • Located in a large industrial park
  • Near major highways
  • Easy access to deep-water ports and rail networks

End products

The plant is primarily dedicated to the production of torrefied wood pellets for customers. Biochar and biocarbon products are also produced on request.
(torrified pellets)
Airex Energy Biochar - isolated
An industrial-scale production plant
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