Innosphere supports Canadian companies to accelerate access to global markets

COLORADO, October 23, 2014 Innosphere is currently working with six Canadian startup businesses that are commercializing sustainable technologies that address energy, environmental, and resource constraints as a part of Innosphere's relationship with the Canadian Consulate General in Denver's Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA). CTA was launched in 2009 in Silicon Valley and has since expanded to New York City, Boston, and most recently Denver with Innosphere's support to Cleantech startups.
 "Innosphere is proud to be a supporter of the Canadian Technology Accelerator for Sustainable Technology," said Rob Writz, Innosphere clean technologies director. "This program helps Innosphere highlight Colorado as a leader in the Cleantech industry and allows us to build our network of investors and corporate strategics to help all our client companies." The CTA in Denver works in partnership with Innosphere and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to connect Canadian businesses to unique resources and contacts needed to accelerate growth. "This partnership allows Innosphere to continue to build the state's Cleantech brand," said Writz. The program between Innosphere and CTA is not new, as these six companies represent the third cohort of Canadian Cleantech small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that Innosphere has supported. This current group began in summer of 2014 and will conclude after two major investor events in October - the CTA Day of Acceleration and the NREL Industry Growth Forum. The CTA Day of Acceleration will provide these companies with the opportunity to present in front of venture capital executives, investors and corporations at Innosphere's office at INDUSTRY Denver on October 27th, the day prior to the NREL Industry Growth Forum (IGF). NREL's IGF is one of the longest running Cleantech startup events in the industry, taking place October 28 - 29, 2014 in Denver, CO.  The two-day conference will feature presentations by 30 emerging clean technology startup companies, panel discussions and breakout sessions led by industry experts, and organized networking opportunities with leading investment firms and corporate partners.  Two CTA companies, Aurora Control Technologies and Airex Energy, have been selected to present at this year's NREL Industry Growth Forum.

The 2014 CTA cohort features six emerging Cleantech companies:

Airex Energy, a spin-off of equipment manufacturer Airex Industries, has developed a patented rapid biomass torrefaction process called CarbonFX.  Torrefaction is a controlled carbonization process during which biomass is heated to high temperatures with little oxygen.  The resulting product is a coal-like substance known as biocoal. Aurora Control Technologies develops and markets inline measurement and control technology for photovoltaic (PV) wafer and cell manufacturers   Aurora's Decima measurement technology is the first end to end solution that provides PV cell manufacturers with the crucial information needed to maximize the yield of top-grade PV products. Gas Plume Imaging is a company providing trace gas monitoring services using networks of revolutionary sensors for oil & gas and related industries.  Currently there is no efficient and affordable way to monitor gas releases over large areas.  GPI's patented PIGC technology fills that void with grid deployment of a novel sensor, representing a paradigm shift in the gas detection market. PCS Technologies is commercializing a new and disruptive polymeric carbon solid that is a new and disruptive category of high energy density solid biofuels similar to metallurgical coal.  PCS licenses reactor technology and know-how to assist municipal, forestry, and agricultural clients to convert any form of waste cellulose feedstock into polymeric solid biofuel. PowerDisc has developed a unique flow field geometry for Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells that provides a 30% capital cost reduction or 40% performance increase over incumbent fuel cell manufacturers.  The flow field design produces uniform oxygen distribution across the membrane resulting in uniform current density.  Uniform current density results in more efficient and uniform utilization of materials, allowing for greater power generation per square centimeter of active materials. Solaris helps green home builders to improve their bottom line by offering a low cost SunPump that combines solar and energy efficiency into a compact primary heating, cooling, and hot water system as a replacement for boilers and furnaces.  The economics of a SunPump allow a builder to choose solar for less than the cost of fossil fuel systems, or optionally defer all capital cost on a $0 down solar lease. For more information contact Innosphere Director of Clean Technology Programs, Rob Writz, at or 970.221.1301.
Innosphere is a 501(c)3 non-profit incubator focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are building potential high-growth companies in software, hardware, biosciences, digital health, and Cleantech. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Innosphere has multiple locations across the state to better serve entrepreneurs and provide access to office and meeting space, and access to specialized test and demonstration equipment. Other locations include: Colorado State University at both the Powerhouse Energy Institute and the Research Innovation Center; the latest office at INDUSTRY Denver which provides a focused effort around Digital Health; and an office in Golden at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).