Decarbonize today for a better tomorrow

Airex Energy provides solutions for a sustainable future.
Helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Airex Energy's proprietary CarbonFX technology transforms sawmill by-products, logging residues, and forestland biomass into value-added green carbon products such as:





Biocoal, in the form of torrefied wood pellets, is a drop-in replacement for coal used in coal-fired power stations and district heating plants.

It is also used as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable natural gas, bio-chemicals and hydrogen production.

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Airex Energy Biochar - isolated


A sustainable solution for carbon sequestration

Biochar is commonly used as a natural and organic soil amendment. When incorporated into soils, the carbon contained in biochar can be stored for hundreds of years, preventing it from degrading and being released back into the atmosphere. Carbon can also be sequestered when biochar is used in building materials and carbon-negative concrete.


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Engineered green carbon product specifically developed for the metallurgical industry.

Thanks to its high fixed carbon and low volatile matter content, biocarbon is a renewable biomass solution to decarbonize the metallurgical industry.

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Airex Energy operates an industrial-scale biocoal pellet plant located on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River in the Province of Québec, Canada, where woody biomass is abundant and certified.