Carbonity is the largest Biochar production plant in North America

This project is the activation of a major partnership between Airex Energy and Suez Group, to produce 350 000 tons of biochar by 2035.

Born from a joint venture between Airex Energy, Suez Group and Groupe Rémabec, Carbonity will produce 30 000 t./year of biochar

The plant includes:
Airex Energy has developed a new system leveraging the CarbonFX technology called CarbonFX-HT to produce biochar and biocarbon through carbonization, a higher temperature pyrolysis.
The plant will start producing in Q1 of 2025 using Rémabec's sawdust residues to produce high quality biochar and biocarbon.
Carbonity location

Strategic location

The plant is strategically located in Port-Cartier, Québec for the the following reasons:

  • Close access to biomass residues (located on the sawmill’s lot)
  • Near deep-sea ports for efficient shipment
  • Long-term sawmill residues supply

End products

The plant is dedicated to the production of biochar and biocarbon and will be selling carbon credits via our partner First Climate.
Airex Energy Biochar - isolated
A sustainable solution for carbon sequestration
Developed specifically to decarbonize the metallurgical industry
Biochar is a sustainable solution for carbon sequestration
Biochar helps remove carbon from the atmosphere by storing it in soils or various materials such as concrete, asphalt, aggregate and thermoplastic compounds.

It can sequester CO2 in the soil or in materials for several hundred years.​
Biochar is one of the five negative emissions technologies identified by the IPCC to curb global warming.​
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